Our Pledge

The Cahaba River Clothing Company wants to provide our customers with great apparel and help keep the Cahaba River beautiful. For every T-Shirt we sell, we are pledging $1 to the Cahaba River Society, a non-profit organization that focuses on keeping the Cahaba beautiful. 

Why the Cahaba?

As a child, I grew up by the Cahaba river. I can remember times when my family and I would take our dogs and walk down to the river. We would catch crawdads, kayak, fish, and swing on the rope swing. My childhood experiences made me want to give back, so I decided to create a clothing company that not only provides nice apparel, but also helps out this great river.

What is the Cahaba river?

The Cahaba river is a 194 mile river that supplies over 1 million people with water in Alabama. The river is world renowned for it's biological diversity. This small river may not seem great, but it has more fish species than all bodies of water in California. The Cahaba has over 206 animal species, with 18 fish species only found in the Cahaba! However, these species are in trouble. Out of the 206 species, 69 are endangered. Over a quarter of the species of this great river are endangered, and that is why our company will pledge 1$ to keep them alive!