Alex and Gage are currently seniors at Vestavia Hills High School, and have lived in Vestavia for most of our lives. We can remember having a good time at the Cahaba River fishing, canoeing, or swimming in the river. We got the idea for the company one day in our Government/Economics class. We were talking about a clothing company and how interesting it would be to have our own company. Then, we got the idea of the Cahaba from our past experiences. We decided that when we made the company, we would also give back, by giving 1$ per T-shirt sold to the Cahaba River Society. Alex is thinking of majoring in Supply-chain management at Auburn University, and Gage is majoring in Economics and is undecided on the University. We believe Vestavia Hills High School has helped us achieve our goals and allowed us to gain the information of running a business. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you.